Pom Pom Project seeks to explode joy and whimsy into the world community by creating color and fabric art.  The PPP is an interactive textural arts experience that brings together kids of all ages and sizes.  Participants have the option to produce pom pom's in all sizes from a grape to a beanbag chair.  The purpose-built pom looms can be mesmerizing, hypnotic and meditative, or they can be fun, energizing and chaotic depending on your state of mind.  Truly offering something for everyone, this workshop can build a team out of any group of strangers and engage the most sarcastic teenager to the grumpiest curmudgeon.  PPP is a community arts project that has a proven mass appeal.  Every pom pom that is retailed online will support the production of another workshop hosted in the community.  I mean, who doesn’t love a giant rainbow pom pom?  

After joining the Makers Faire this year with my long time friend and building a giant loom, we didn't set out to build a big pom pom, we set out  to built the largest pom pom we could! Now we are able to produce these GIANT pom's and I can promise you will love them, and so will your kids! 

Please email for details and purchasing OR if you are interested in hosting a workshop!

Want to own one? Prices range from $100-$500